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Just hanging around for fine weather

What do you do when the heavy rain stops you from getting on the allotment? Hang around and wait for it to stop? No, you go shopping. Yes, that’s exactly what we did on Saturday. A thorough browse round Wilko and Homebase soon helped to brighten up the soggiest of days. A few bargains were had. It’s amazing how quickly you can fill a shopping basket when you didn’t really need anything! We managed to get some sweetcorn plants and two mini cucumbers from Homebase (these were on the list) and picked up some bargain dahlia tubers in the reduced section. These were a definite bargain – £1.74 for two…so we got eight to go with the fifteen we bought last week from Sarah Raven. Do we need them all? No…but it’s hard to walk past a bargain, especially when they all had shoots on them.

Bargain tubers

Now, I’m the one in this partnership who holds on tightly to the purse strings…in fact, it’s not often that those purse strings get untied…but himself on the other hand, has no strings on his purse. It might have had elastic at one point but I think that went ‘ping’ a long time ago. So, not a surprise to find him lurking down the Homebase aisle with a swanky metal watering can in his hand. The look on his face told me that hand and handle where not going to part company until they were securely on the other side of the checkout. That can was not going back on the shelf. Yes, I know we need a second one, I know we need one with a long spout, I know we need one with a decent rose so it doesn’t wash my delicate seedlings out of their pots … but how much is it? “Quite a good price.” came the reply. Yeah, how many times have I been fooled with that one? Actually, he was right, it was a good price, and here it is…

The smart new watering can

We spent the rest of Saturday camped out in the greenhouse with a flask of coffee, radio on, planting out our new purchases and testing out the watering can…lovely rose. The greenhouse is now at the stage where a hard hat really needs to be issued at the door. Having to negotiate your head around the twelve hanging baskets that are suspended from the roof is proving quite a challenge. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon have nothing on our greenhouse!Everything’s just hanging around waiting for the decent weather to arrive, whenever that is.

Just hanging around

Still hanging!

Even our heads have been replaced by baskets!!

Even though not much could be done outside this weekend, a lot of progress has been made on the inside jobs: seedlings transplanted on, tubers potted up. We’ve even managed a bit of cooking: a batch of chilli jam and a very rich ‘Death by Chocolate’ cake. Well, with weather that makes you want to hang yourself, you might as well end it all with chocolate!