Chilli Jelly

This is a lovely jelly to give as a gift as it’s so colourful. It’s your choice what type of chilli you use and whether you leave seeds in or remove them. I used Apache green and red chillis in this recipe to give it more colour. It’s got quite a kick to it but not overly so.

Chilli Jelly

Makes approx 8 x 8oz jars

  • 1.5kg cooking apples
  • 5-10 large red chillis (or use a mix of red and green chillis for more colour)
  • 500g white granulated sugar for every 500ml of juice

Chop the apples and 2 of the chillis, then place in a preserving pan with 1.5 litres of water. Simmer for 30 minutes until the apples are very soft. Spoon the mixture into a jelly bag and leave to strain overnight.

Measure the resulting juice, and weigh out the correct quantity of sugar. Put in a preserving pan and simmer over a low heat until the sugar has dissolved. Increase the heat and cook at a full rolling boil for 5 minutes until setting point has been reached. Test by placing a teaspoon of jelly onto a cold saucer and allowing to cool. If the surface wrinkles when pushed with your finger, it’s ready.

Slice the the remaining chillis into rings, removing the seeds if required, and add to the jelly and boil for a further minute. Allow the jelly to cool slightly for 5-10 minutes, then pot into small sterilised jars and seal. If you add the jelly to the jar too soon the chillis will float to the top, so allow to cool slightly.

Tip: If the chillis have floated to the top after you have poured into the jars, allow to cool slightly, then use a sterilised skewer/teaspoon and stir gently. This should help to distribute the chillis evenly throughout the jelly.


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