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Getting our house (well, plot) in order

Well, it’s thanks to this hot weather and the change in the clocks that we’ve been able to spend more time on the allotment catching up with all those jobs that somehow never seem to get done. So, armed with power tools and hammer I have finally finished the lovely gate – marvellous! No rabbit will dare to burrow through this. Himself has been collecting horse poo like it’s going out of fashion (a strange hobby – not sure if it comes under the same category as trainspotting or stamp collecting, but hey ho), so trenches have been dug ready for all the planting to be done.

The lovely rabbit-proof gate

I have also completed the back-breaking task of putting weed control sheeting under the two strawberry beds. This involved spending the whole of Saturday afternoon on my hands and knees, backside in the air, cutting out holes to feed the strawberries through – not a joyous sight for other allotment holders to witness but a job well done I feel.

Strawberry beds with fresh sheets

The cloches have all been put together and onions and broad beans have been rehomed whilst I’m waiting for Mr Tiller to finish getting the soil ready so that things can be planted out. The parsnips have finally found their way out of the loo rolls so they can soon be planted in their final resting place – hopefully we’ll get straight ones this time.

Parsnips peeking out of the loo rolls

The greenhouse is filling up nicely and I’m trying to keep one step ahead of everything so that we don’t run out of space. All the plants have been purchased for the hanging baskets so it will be a challenge in the next couple of weeks when they all need potting on. It’s a real Jubilee collection – well, sometimes you just have to join in with the rest of them – so everything is red, white and blue…allegedly.

The cut flower beds are coming along and some of the perennials have been repositioned. The herb section has also had a bit of a make-over so will be ready for some new additions at some point.

The good news is that with all this walking uphill everyday to check on everything, we are getting fitter by the minute. The muffin tops are slowly shrinking – we’ll be positively size zeros by the summer!!


Ailsa Craig & the Red Baron have finally come to the party

Finally, after weeks of waiting, Ailsa Craig and the Red Baron have stuck their heads above the parapet. Just when we thought they had given up the ghost, they finally appear – hurrah!

Ailsa Craig & Red Baron have finally made it

The sad news is that yesterday we discover we are living in an area of severe drought and could be heading for a ’76 water crisis. Will we now have enough water to stop these lovely onions from shrivelling to their death? I do hope so…or do we have to start making stem cell onions to go with our stem cell burgers? Now, DON’T get me started on that one! The Dutch should stick to what they’re good at – growing tulips – not trying to grow a cow that “feels like and hopefully tastes like meat” (as quoted by Dr Mark Post).

Anyway, on a lighter, less controversial note you’ll be pleased to hear that the sweet peas and peppers have also decided to pop their heads up above the soil – things are starting to happen, spring is on its way at last. I think I will take a walk up to the allotment today and check on the greenhouse. Have a look at all that natural produce growing while it still has water and perhaps ponder over the possibility of having to become a vegetarian! Enjoy your pancakes whatever you choose to put on or in them.

A few onion thoughts for the day…

Life is like an onion and one cries while peeling it ~ French Proverb

An onion will not produce a rose ~ Latin Proverb

He who walks through a field of onions, will smell like an onion ~ Arabian Proverb

Onions, smoke and women bring tears to your eyes ~ Danish Proverb

Life is like an onion. Why is life like an onion? Because you peel away layer after layer and when you come to the end you have nothing ~ Yiddish Proverb

Different men have different opinions; some like apples, some onions ~ Indonesian Proverb