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The Lost Gardens – what a great find

The wonderful think about being self-employed is that you can sneak off every now and then without having to justify yourself to anyone…except yourself, of course. So, when himself had to go to Cornwall at the end of last week on business I thought I would tag along for the ride. While he was busy doing chit-chat, chit-chat, coffee, coffee, chit-chat with customers, I took myself off and got snappy happy around St Ives with my new camera. What joy. Blue sky, blue sea and tonnes of lovely golden sand.

On the way back we decided to call in at the Lost Gardens of Heligan near St Austell as we’d heard they were worth a visit. Although late in the afternoon, we decided it was still worth visiting as it was a chance to see the rhododendrons in flower and we also wanted to see the greenhouses. Well, there are greenhouses and then there are greenhouses. These have all been restored to their original state and they are absolutely fantastic. Take a look at these…these are greenhouses to die for.


Then there are the cold frames and the famous Pineapple pits (complete with the first of the season’s pineapple)…


All this before you even get to the veg patch…well, patch doesn’t come anywhere close, it’s more of a veg acre. I have never seen so many canes in such neat rows. Even the scarecrow had been to Specsavers, sporting a trendy pair of bifocals on the end of his nose!


It’s not only the plants that are fascinating, it’s the way that everything has been planted in the neatest of rows and someone has painstakingly painted and handwritten every label. Every detail in this garden has been restored perfectly.


This is definitely a place to come back to when you can spend the whole day soaking it all in. We only really had time to look at the greenhouses, the vegetable garden and some of the jungle garden. We’ll definitely be back. For the whole day. With a picnic.

If you happen to find yourself in Cornwall this summer, I would thoroughly recommend a visit. Allow yourself plenty of time to explore. I can guarantee there will be plenty of, “Wow, look at that”, “If only I had a greenhouse like this”, “This veg garden is just…”, “OMG look at this” moments – so it’s definitely worth the £10 to get in. The plant centre, cafe and farm shop are an added bonus, as always. Here are a few more pictures to tempt you.